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Membership Benefits

Organizational Membership in the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation carries many benefits. EKGF Staff and Team Leaders are motivated to create programs that provide our members with maximum value for their membership dollars. 

  • Help to define what EKG means and shape the EKG market. Set standards.
    Specify priorities, what’s important to your organization, which strategic objectives and use cases do your organization aim, at leveraging EKG. As a consultant or vendor, specify how your products and services enable EKG organizations to achieve their desired levels of EKG maturity.


  • Become an Integral Part of an Exciting and Growing Market
    Be an integral part of establishing the business narrative and setting the expectations for this emerging market.  This translates into a baseline research and communications agenda around use cases, demystification of the technology, and other ways of quantifying value.


  • Network with Industry Experts
    You'll have direct access to industry-leading experts as they work within EKG Foundation, developing standards on the topics important to the Knowledge Graph industry today.  Benefit from their knowledge of Best Practices in business, organizational, data-management and technology domains. Create and develop critical industry relationships and collaborations. Benefit from mistakes made by others and “lessons learned”. Build a network of potential colleagues.


  • Vote for initiatives where the EKGF works on shared components or deliverables that are important to your organization
    Such as data-catalog / metadata standards, EKG Platform architecture standards, open ontologies, job descriptions for your EKG Center of Excellence, training collateral development, use case tree method (reusable components), manifesto, and more.


  • Access to Markets and Executive Education
    Demystify semantic technology.  Tell a better story through webinars, educational seminars, curricula, white papers, articles, presentations, and issue briefs.  


  • Join a Growing Community
    Less than two years old, EKG Foundation is growing exponentially. As we grow we will continue to have influence over the growing market. Be a leading member of this growing community.


  • Participate in Weekly Enterprise Maturity Model Workgroup Meetings
    EKG Foundation holds weekly workgroup meetings on developing the EKG Maturity Model across its four Pillars: Business, Data, Organizational, and Technology. Join the meetings and contribute to best practices, maturity assessments, and benchmarking (capability model, standard measurement criteria, and a shared lexicon). 


  • Influence the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Adoption Process
    All of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph adoptions - are adopted at our weekly meetings held virtually. By participating in EKG Foundation meetings, you and your company will influence future Enterprise Knowledge Graph standards and the direction of the next-generation products that implement them, attain competitive advantages, and acquire a significant head start in developing your own implementation. 


  • Access EKG Foundation Documents
    Reduce risk by having access to proven methods, best practices, and a community of experts. You will have a first look at all EKG Foundation-produced specifications, formal documents, research reports, and Whitepapers. You and your company become part of the entire Enterprise Knowledge Graph adoption process, from requirements generation to the adoption vote.


  • Access Tools to Start your own Enterprise Knowledge Graph
    Accelerators (reusable ontologies, downloadable models, ROI calculators, methodologies for a sustainable KG for the enterprise).


  • Publish your Knowledge Graph Stories in Community Voices
    Write an article regarding your favorite topic surrounding the EKG field. EKG Foundation will publish and share it in emails, social media, and on our website. 


  • Publish your Work
    As an active EKG Foundation member, you'll become well known for your knowledge and contributions. This can lead to requests to author books, technical articles, whitepapers, and case studies for publication in a variety of venues from books and industry magazines to marketing materials and websites.


  • Publicize Your Enterprise Knowledge Graph Success Stories
    As a member of the foundation, you have the opportunity to publicize your news on our website, targeted email, and social media platforms. 


  • Cross-Participation Program
    Some membership levels allow participation in certain activities of our other programs: Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and Digital Twin Consortium.


  • Develop Business Partnerships
    During EKG Foundation meetings and events, you'll undoubtedly meet other end users, vendors, and implementers from your own industry, allowing you to build business relationships and leverage your membership investment.


  • Use EKG Foundation’s Logo
    As an Enterprise Knowledge Graph member, you have the opportunity to use the foundation’s logo on your website and other materials.


  • Receive Discounts on Conferences
    EKG Foundation is partnering with a large community. Receive conference discounts and access based on your relationship with our community.


Sponsors: The Foundation offers sponsorship packages for vendors and other organizations that are seeking expanded visibility for their products, services, and contributions.  Sponsorship packages are customized to the needs of the organization and include visibility, webinar opportunities, enhanced listings and leadership roles for working groups

Organizational Founding Members:



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