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For Immediate Release                                                                                    Contact: Michael Atkin

April 28, 2020                                                                                                                                            

Data Management Industry Experts Announce the Formation of

the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation

The foundation, which will promote semantic standards and best practices to support

the growing enterprise graph marketplace will be introduced at the

2020 Knowledge Graph (virtual) Conference May 5, 2020



London – April 28, 2020: A consortium of data management and semantic technology advocates announce the formation of the new Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) Foundation. The EKG Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on the growth of the marketplace for *semantic technology, the adoption of best practices, and the implementation of a shared infrastructure for evaluating data quality. The organizers of the initiative will introduce the EKG Foundation at the 2020 Knowledge Graph Conference (May 5, 2020, Columbia University virtual conference).


The mission of the EKG Foundation is to be the focal point for semantic standards as well as the mechanism for coordination and engagement across the knowledge graph community. The foundation will promote and advocate standards, best practices, and open source components for advancing data management to its next level. The foundation establishes a collaborative community and builds the marketplace for related services, products, and datasets.


“Industry-wide coordination is needed to move knowledge graph from early adoption to mass market acceptance. The development of a collaborative environment is one of the principal operational goals of the EKG Foundation,” says Dennis E. Wisnosky (former CTO at the Department of Defense, process owner for FIBO and member of the Board of Directors for the EKG Foundation).


The rationale for the EKG Foundation took root as part of an open source planning meeting held during the 2019 Data Architecture Summit in Chicago, Il. The foundation was organized by industry leaders who were responsible for the creation of the collaborative environment supporting the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO). At the May 5th conference, the founders will showcase what they learned from their collective experience in core data management - which positions semantic technology as the optimal infrastructure for data management across interconnected processes.​



According to Jacobus Geluk (CTO at, former lead architect at BNY Mellon and the originator of the EKG Foundation),  “Data fragmentation has become a significant liability for firms who wind up spending countless hours and significant money moving data from one place to another and reconciling data meaning. The more cost-effective approach is to adopt semantic standards that are designed to resolve and map data in a uniform way across all data pipelines.”



Several initiatives are currently underway as part of the agenda for the EKG Foundation. Michael Atkin (founder of the Enterprise Data Management Council and a Director of the EKG Foundation), explains that “The foundation is defining a set of standard criteria for evaluating capability readiness in EKG environments. We are working on the construction of a master portal of published ontologies, use cases and other resources needed for sustainable knowledge graph operations.”








*Semantics technology is the practice of giving meaning to raw data in context”

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