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Open Webcast: Enterprise Knowledge Graph Maturity Model

Maturity Model webcast will kick off working sessions
December 17, 2020 ● 4:00 PM GMT | 11:00 AM EST

The EKG Foundation is holding an open webcast on the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Maturity Model (EKG/MM).  We are inviting you to join the working group and participate in the development and extension of the model.


The webcast kicks off the working sessions.  To participate, please use the registration link. After registering, you will be granted access to the existing document repository.  An overview of the structure and contents of the model is also available here.


The EKG/MM is an open source initiative of the EKGF designed to promulgate best practices across the EKG community.  The maturity model covers essential capabilities as well as standard evaluation criteria required for the design, implementation, and maintenance of an enterprise knowledge graph.  It is organized into four pillars covering the business, data, technology and organization areas necessary for EKG adoption.   The agenda for the meeting is as follows:


  • Item 1 (Positioning) - the EKG/MM into perspective including a description of how the work has evolved and outline our view of the core deliverables.

  • Item 2 (EKG/MM) - review of the components and capability areas included in the model including example outputs and a review of the criteria for assessment scoring.

  • Item 3 (Process) – operating model and governance procedures including how participants can contribute to the initiative.

  • Item 4 (Schedule) – the target is delivery of V1.0 by 2Q21.  We are planning weekly working sessions starting with the data pillar.  Working sessions are designed to migrate into "deliverable review sessions" as the activity matures.


The EKG/MM is part of the "implementation playbook" project of the Foundation.  We are contributing the work we have been doing to the EKG community because we believe in the value of standards and best practices.  We’ve done a significant amount of work to get things organized and are excited to introduce the initiative to the community.  We look forward to your participation.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation lo
2020 Sept Mike Atkin Headshot-8_pp.jpg

Moderated by Michael Atkin,
Director, EKG Foundation


Mike is a financial industry analyst, founder of the EDM Council, and lecturer on the principles of data management at Columbia University

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