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Maturity Model

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Maturity Model (EKG/MM) is the industry-standard definition of the capabilities required for an enterprise knowledge graph.  It establishes standard criteria for measuring progress and sets out the practical questions that all involved stakeholders ask to ensure trust, confidence, and usage flexibility of data.  Each capability area provides a business summary denoting its importance, a definition of the added value from semantic standards, and scoring criteria based on five levels of defined maturity. 

The Foundation hosts open working sessions to debate the contents toward the achievement of consensus.

The EKG Maturity Model is a “continuous improvement” product of the EKGF.  It is intended to be updated based upon the comments of readers and implementors.  Comments are reviewed by EKGF members and may result in new or changed MM content.  In order for comments to be seen, the commenter must have a GitHub ID. 


After review and acceptance of comments, the EKGF process automatically updates the MM. 


It is not necessary to be a member of EKGF to read and comment in the MM.  It is necessary to be a member of the EKGF to be included in the review process.

NEW! Maturity Model Version 1.1 is released! 

All work on the Maturity Model is now being done in Github. New releases will now be updated on that platform.


The Maturity Model for the Enterprise Knowledge Graph is a collection of capabilities structured in a relatively simple 4x5 matrix of capability pillars and maturity levels.


Each pillar matches one of the four primary audiences that are involved in an enterprise knowledge graph. 

  • Business Pillar: capabilities to formulate business identity, strategy, and elaboration and how they relate to business enablers and to the EKG addresses audiences on the business side of an enterprise.

  • Organization Pillar: capabilities including product ownership, EKG delivery management, and organizational culture addresses audiences such as finance, risk specialists, program/portfolio/project managers, and HR specialists.

  • Data Pillar: data management capabilities and data strategy addresses audiences in data management, modeling, and governance roles.

  • Technology Pillar: technology capabilities including software selection and deployment, operational management, and user interface addresses a more technical audience such as technologists, technical architects, developers, DevOps engineers, infrastructure managers, and security specialists.

EKG Maturity Expectation

Each capability provides a business summary describing its importance, and how it contributes to both the EKG and the enterprise as a whole. Then it outlines dimensions for measuring the capability together with criteria for achieving a level for the different dimensions. 

The five levels are: 

  1. EKG Initiation — Lighthouse Project — an initial project to pave the way

  2. Extensible Platform — Reusable Components  — reuse across parallel projects

  3. Enterprise Ready — Default Data Hub  — resource available for widespread use

  4. Strategic Asset — Operational Utility — the established capability of choice

  5. Operational Ecosystem — Continuous Improvement  — full integration and automation


Join a Working Group

EKGF has established Maturity Model working groups  – one on defining the EKG business pillar, one on reviewing the draft of the EKG/MM data pillar (starting with data architecture), Baseline research (starting with EKG technology), and our newest group: Organization Pillar.  Please join the conversation and contribute to the EKG body of knowledge.  The links to join are below.

Join our Maturity Model working groups. 

  • Technology Pillar Workgroup meets Mondays, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Eastern  Sign up here

  • Business Pillar Workgroup meets Tuesdays 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Eastern.  Sign up here

  • Data Pillar Workgroup meets Wednesdays 12:00 p.m.-noon Eastern. Sign up here

  • Organization Pillar Workgroup meets Mondays, 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. Eastern. Sign up here

Join the conversation and contribute to the EKG body of knowledge.  Let us know your interest.

Maturity Model Documents, Meeting Notes, and Videos

Maturity Model

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