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April 2022

The Business Case for Knowledge Graphs

Jennifer Schecter from The Innovator reports on Mike Atkins' presentation on the preliminary findings of the Knowledge Graph survey. The article breaks down what a knowledge graph is and how it can benefit companies by leveraging their data to manage their supply chains, enhance data discovery, and automate their business processes.  

The Knowledge Graph Survey is a joint project between Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation and the Knowledge Graph Conference.   Read the article here...


December 17, 2020

EKG Foundation to hold Open Webcast on the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Maturity Model


December 11, 2020

How Knowledge Graphs Will Transform Data Management and Business 
 Jennifer L. Schenker at The Innovator

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December 3, 2020

Six Leading Companies Become Founding Members of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation

Stardog, eccenca,, Global IDs,, and Capital One collaborate to build the market for EKG and semantic standards 


November 30, 2020
Executive Roundtable on Knowledge Graph Adoption in the Enterprise

Connected Data London 

Copy of Solving the Date Incongruence Di

November 16, 2020
Solving the Data Incongruence Dilemma:
Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation Value Proposition


November 2, 2020
EKG Foundation at Forum: Federal Data Strategy Priorities for 2021


October 19. 2020
5 Questions for Mike Atkin: An Interview with Knowledge Graph Conference

Copy of Colorful Neon Marble Gaming YouT

August 8, 2020
A Letter From EKG Foundation's Mike Atkin


April 28, 2020

Announcing Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation

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