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December 3, 2020                                                                                                                                            

Six Leading Companies Become Founding Members

of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation

Stardog, eccenca,, Global IDs,, and Capital One 

collaborate to build the market for EKG and semantic standards 


London – December 3, 2020: The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKGF), a non-profit organization focused on the growth and development of the marketplace for semantic standards,  announces the first six organizational members to join. Stardog, eccenca,, Global and Capital One are recognized as founding members of the organization. 

The EKG Foundation was established around three fundamental objectives: (1) position knowledge graph technology as the most effective way to connect data across an enterprise and between enterprises, (2) promote best practices for EKG implementation, and (3) advance industry collaboration through a number of portals that will accelerate adoption. The foundation establishes a collaborative community and builds the marketplace for related services, products, and datasets. 

Kendall Clark, founder and CEO of Stardog, said: “We joined the EKGF because Enterprise Knowledge Graphs are truly a disruptive technology and demand to be taken seriously. One of the best ways to support a new market is to create best practices, reference frameworks, and other tools for success. Together, we are working to overcome the persistent problem of data fragmentation in the enterprise and help organizations derive knowledge from their data.”

November 2020, EKG Foundation released a draft of their Enterprise Knowledge Graph Maturity  Model and invited interested parties to contribute to its onward development. The Maturity Model is designed as a series of capability statements and standard measurement criteria for building and managing knowledge graphs. It is being made available as a shared resource that can be used by members for internal assessments, stakeholder alignment, and as the basis for benchmarking.  

Jacobus Geluk, CEO, and originator of the EKG Foundation, characterized the value proposition for EKG technology: “Data silos have become a significant liability for firms who are investing significant time and money moving data and reconciling meaning. The more strategic approach is to adopt  semantic standards that are designed to resolve and map data in a uniform way.” 

Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist at summarized the collective goal of the Foundation:  “Semantic web technologies are the bridge to help companies navigate between complex data sources and the domain experts who need answers to everyday business questions. We joined the organization  as part of our commitment to building the future for EKG and semantic graph.”  




*Semantics technology is the practice of giving meaning to raw data in context”

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