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Omar Khan set to lead EKGF's Maturity Model "Technology Pillar" workgroups

Workgroups are held Mondays 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Eastern

October 29, 2021- Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation is pleased to announce that Omar Khan will lead the EKGF's Maturity Model "Technology Pillar" workgroups. Technology Pillar workgroups, held weekly on Mondays (11:30 am-12:30 pm Eastern) are collaborations of industry participants who share the common goal of evaluating the draft maturity descriptions, scoring, and implementation guidance for the Technology Pillar portion of EKGF's Maturity Model.   Interested participants can register to participate via Zoom using this link.

Omar Khan is presently a member of Data Management & Insights, fostering Wells Fargo efforts and building applications as Technical Lead in Knowledge Graph & Semantic Technologies. Prior to his current role, he built novel solutions for the business during an 11-year tenure as a consultant and full-time employee within Brokerage Technology. While there, he helped to develop many key applications and led efforts contributing to a majority of the IT portfolio in Wealth and Investment Management. A few years ago he became known for contributing to proof of concepts in areas unexplored, but necessary for future changes in direction for various lines of businesses. He successfully implemented game-changing software development ideas, and this helped form a foundation to allow him to join Innovation Group's R&D, and subsequently, Data Management & Insights, specializing in Enterprise Knowledge Graph technologies. Emerging technology was and still is his specialty and passion.

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Maturity Model (EKG/MM) is the industry standard definition of the capabilities required for an EKG and of the generic capabilities in any given organization that is affected by EKG. It establishes standard criteria for measuring progress and sets out the practical questions that all involved stakeholders ask to ensure trust, confidence, and usage flexibility of data. Each capability area provides a business summary denoting its importance, a definition of the added value from semantic standards and scoring criteria based on five levels of defined maturity.

The EKG/MM is a capability model designed to promulgate best practices across the knowledge graph community. It covers essential capabilities as well as standard evaluation criteria required for the design, implementation, and maintenance of an EKG.

In addition to Technology Pillar workgroups on Mondays, EKGF also conducts weekly workgroups for the Business Pillar, Data, and Organization Pillars. Following is the full schedule: 

  • Technology Pillar Workgroup: Mondays, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Eastern  Sign up here.

  • Business Pillar Workgroup: Tuesdays 11:00 a.m.-noon Eastern.  Sign up here.

  • Data Pillar Workgroup: Wednesdays 11:00 a.m.-noon Eastern. Sign up here.

  • Organizational Pillar Workgroup: Thursdays, noon - 1:00 p.m. Eastern. Sign up here.

About EKG Foundation
Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation was formed in April 2020 to promote semantic standards and best practices to support the growing enterprise knowledge graph marketplace. A consortium of data management and semantic technology advocates, EKG Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on the growth of semantic technology, the adoption of best practices, and the implementation of a shared infrastructure for evaluating data quality. EKGF's members participate in weekly open working sessions to debate and develop a consensus in order to provide guidelines for the development and deployment of an enterprise knowledge graph. The principles emphasize shared meaning and content reuse that are the cornerstone of operating in complex and interconnected environments. The first edition of EKGF’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph Maturity Model will be released in early November 2021.


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