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Knowledge Graph Industry Benchmarking Survey - Data & Analysis

Knowledge Graph Industry Benchmarking Survey - Data & Analysis


The Knowledge Graph Industry Benchmarking Survey  - Data and Analysis on Industry Maturity is the second industry-wide benchmarking study and data and analysis on Industry Maturity in the Knowledge Graph market. The survey was conducted as a joint project by the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKGF), the Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC), and Content Strategies LLC.  The objective of the study was to capture baseline statistics on the size, nature and direction of data management using semantic standards (i.e., the capabilities that result in a knowledge graph).


This product is a digital download of the survey results.


The 30-page Knowledge Graph Industry Benchmarking report about the size, nature and direction of the knowledge graph industry is now available.  Reviewers describe it as an invaluable tool for those managing knowledge graph initiatives as well as those assembling the business case for adoption.  The report contains verified market intelligence rather than just anecdotal evidence of an industry in its formative stages of maturity.


  • About the Survey

    The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKGF) and the Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) are happy to announce the availability of the second Knowledge Graph Industry Benchmarking survey. Data was compiled and analyzed from ten industry sectors ranging from finance to publishing to information technology by Content Strategies LLC. Preliminary results were presented at the 2022 Knowledge Graph Conference in New York City.

    The report presents a detailed look of the findings. It is intended as a reference for those wondering where they stand relative to the industry, as well as to their own industry segment. Interested in vendor penetration, for example? The survey shows the status of 28 vendors.

    Raw data was gathered from a variety of business functions in large and small companies using or contemplating Knowledge Graphs (KGs), consultants, and academia. Respondents to the survey ranged from stakeholders to deep techies supporting KG teams as well as researchers.

    Adoption drivers outlined in the survey may be the key to understanding the jumping in point for KG adopters. For others, it might be knowing that there exists well thought out use cases including inhibitors to watch out for.

    Also included is an outline of priorities which might determine future directions for adopters and the vendors expected to deliver new capability.

  • Outline of Contents:

    Section I: Benchmarking Profile – information about the industry sectors represented including breakdowns by size, role and function.  Many participants should be considered as early adopters, but all are focused on turning data from “a problem to be managed” into data “as a resource to exploit.”

    Tables and Charts

    • Industry Sectors Represented
    • Size of Companies Responding to Survey
    • Business Functions of Participants
    • Primary Roles of Respondents

    Section II: Business Environment – an in-depth look at maturity expectation covering standard evaluation criteria required for the design and implementation of an enterprise knowledge graph.  Included is analysis about the state of progress, adoption drivers, inhibitors to progress the value proposition and requirements for moving these projects forward.

    Tables and Charts

    • Maturity Expectation
    • EKG Maturity Model
    • Knowledge Graph Progress
    • Requirements for Moving Forward
    • Adoption Drivers
    • Reasons for Deploying Semantic Standards
    • Knowledge Graph Use Cases
    • Use Case Scenarios
    • Value Summary
    • Inhibitors to Adoption
    • Inhibitors (detail)

    Section III: Organizational Considerations – detailed information about the current state of awareness among key stakeholders including timeframes for next stage activity, team size and project management structures in operation.  The study highlights core issues to address as well as an overview of vendor platforms and future enhancements.

    Tables and Charts

    • Knowledge Graph Team Size (in terms of FTE)
    • Team Structure
    • Knowledge Graph Sponsorship
    • Level of Awareness among Key Stakeholders
    • Timeframe for Next Stage of Maturity
    • Industry Priorities
    • Vendor Enhancements
    • Vendor Platforms
    • Future Priorities
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