The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation was established to define

best practice and mature the marketplace for EKG adoption.


At a Glance:

Solving the Data Incongruence Dilemma: 
A Case for Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation

by Mike Atkin


November 30, 2020

Executive Roundtable on Knowledge Graph Adoption in the Enterprise

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Launch Webinar

The EKG Foundation is a non-profit trade association established as a coordination body for the knowledge graph community.  The response (across a variety of markets) has been exceptional.  We invite you to join the Foundation and add your voice to the agenda and work plan of the organization.  Below are links to the materials (slides, recordings, poll results) from the launch webinar including:

  • The business case and rationale for the new organization

  • The principles required to ensure EKG sustainability

  • The criteria for measuring EKG maturity and benchmarking

  • The results of polls on both the inhibitors to adoption and EKGF priorities

November 2, 2020
EKGF Foundation at Forum:

Federal Data Strategy Priorities for 2021

October 2020

5 Questions for Mike Atkin: an interview with Knowledge Graph Conference

"The development of a collaborative environment

is one of the principal operational goals of the EKG Foundation”

- Dennis E. Wisnosky

co-founder EKGF, Former CTO at the Department of Defense, FIBO process owner



The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation was established to define

best practice and mature the marketplace for EKG adoption including:


Adopt semantic standards to solve the challenges of data management

Develop best practices for accelerated EKG deployment
A curated repository of reusable models and resources
Build the mechanism for engagement and shared knowledge
Advance the business cases for EKG adoption


Maturity Model

The EKG Foundation is establishing the catalog of best practices for sustainable knowledge graph deployment based on the EKG Maturity Model – a set of criteria for evaluating readiness in EKG environments.


The EKG Foundation has defined a set of guiding principles for the development and deployment of an enterprise knowledge graph. These principles are designed to promote sustainable data management in complex and interconnected business environments.  

EKG Portal

The EKG Foundation will offer curated access to published ontologies, tools, use cases and other resources needed for sustainable knowledge graph operations.



Executives who seek to realize the benefits (and minimize the risks) of semantic standards and EKG by having access to proven methods, best practices and a community of experts. 


Vendors who want to make it easier for organizations across information-intensive industry sectors to understand and successfully adopt their products and services.


Architects and modelers who want access to reusable components, deployable models, ontologies, and interfaces that can be assembled and deployed within their environment.


Consultants who are looking for access to EKG-related best practices as well as a community of potential customers and skilled practitioners.


Academics who are making a meaningful and recognized contribution that builds upon existing frameworks to address pressing business needs.


 “Data fragmentation has become a significant liability for firms who wind up spending countless hours and significant money moving data from one place to another and reconciling data meaning. The more cost-effective approach is to adopt semantic standards that are designed to resolve and map data in a uniform way across all data pipelines."

 Jacobus Geluk

Co-founder, EKG Foundation, CTO at, former lead architect at BNY Mellon



  • Dennis Wisnosky – former CTO, US Department of Defense

  • Jacobus Geluk – Chief Technology Officer,

  • Pete Rivett – Member, Architecture Board, Object Management Group

  • Michael Atkin – Founder, EDM Council and faculty, Columbia University

  • Jeremy Posner - Principal, Head of services,


“The foundation is defining a set of standard criteria for evaluating capability readiness in EKG environments. We are working on the construction of a master portal of published ontologies, use cases, and other resources needed for sustainable knowledge graph operations.”

Michael Atkin

Co-founder EKG Foundation, Founder Enterprise Data Management Council