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The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Forum (EKGF) is now part of the Object Management Group (OMG). 

The EKGF was established to define best practice and mature the marketplace for EKG adoption, including: 

Advocacy • Best Practices • Measurement • Community • Resources

EKGF 2023 Programs

Choosing the right use case for your EKG Lighthouse Projects 
presented by Jacobus Geluk

March 24, 2023 meeting, covering the 2023 work plan of EKGF

and how members can get involved.


Join our Maturity Model working groups and contribute to the EKG body of knowledge.  

  • Semantics Data Products Workgroup

       (Every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern)

Knowledge Graph Industry Survey-Cover.png

The second Knowledge Graph Industry Benchmarking Survey is here!

EKGF along with The Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC) and Content Strategies LLC conducted a comprehensive global survey to increase awareness about the size, nature, and direction of the knowledge graph industry.  The results and analysis are available in this comprehensive report. 

The 30-page Knowledge Graph Industry Benchmarking report about the size, nature and direction of the knowledge graph industry is now available.  Reviewers describe it as an invaluable tool for those managing knowledge graph initiatives as well as those assembling the business case for adoption.  The report contains verified market intelligence rather than just anecdotal evidence.


Read on to learn more and to purchase and download the Report

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Maturity Model 1.1 is here and it's on a new, interactive platform!

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKGF) Releases Draft 1.1 of Maturity Model

The EKG/MM is the industry-standard definition of the capabilities required for an EKG and of the generic capabilities in any given organization that are affected by EKG. It establishes standard criteria for measuring progress and sets out the practical questions that all involved stakeholders ask to ensure trust, confidence, and usage flexibility of data. Each capability area provides a business summary denoting its importance, a definition of the added value from semantic standards, and scoring criteria based on five levels of defined maturity.

The EKG/MM is a capability model designed to promulgate best practices across the knowledge graph community. It covers essential capabilities as well as standard evaluation criteria required for the design, implementation, and maintenance of an EKG.


The Maturity Model for the Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG/MM) is one of the key initiatives of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation being developed by a community of contributors.

The Foundation hosts open working sessions to debate the contents toward the achievement of consensus.

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In the News
The Business Case for Knowledge Graphs

Jennifer Schecter from The Innovator reports on Mike Atkins' presentation on the preliminary findings of the Knowledge Graph survey. The article breaks down what a knowledge graph is and how it can benefit companies by leveraging their data to manage their supply chains, enhance data discovery, and automate their business processes.  

The Knowledge Graph Survey is a joint project between Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation and the Knowledge Graph Conference.   Read the article here...

Community Voices

Articles written by EKGF members & contributors
Dimensions of Knowledge Value Assessment
Carl Mattox
By EKGF member Carl Mattocks

Measure Applied Knowledge:

Continuing studies [1] affirm that the relationship between knowledge sharing and innovation continues to grow. To help measure knowledge growth the Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) Maturity Model provides a single metric for an entire Enterprise’s utilization. To qualitatively identify maturity trends the Model is structured with Pillars. To quantitatively measure maturity success the Model supports the use of dimension-specific data points. Read on...

Dimensions of Knowledge Risk Assessment
Carl Mattox
By EKGF member Carl Mattocks

Risk to be Measured:

The FCC (USA Federal Communications Commission) has advised that every business that uses the Internet is responsible for creating a culture of security that will enhance business and consumer confidence. Additionally, they should have a risk strategy focused on safeguarding their business capabilities, customers, and digital assets from growing threats. That strategy should be based on a risk event analysis that identifies:  Read on...

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Airbnb's Knowledge Graph
By EKGF member Carlos Tubbox

People using Amazon’s Alexa, ordering food through Uber Eats, or booking a listing on Airbnb are using a knowledge graph even if they are totally unaware of that. Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber among other big players have been using knowledge graph technology to disrupt entire sectors and create new value propositions for their customers.  Read on...




The EKGF is part of the Object Management Group, Inc.  

EKGF Membership in the OMG is open to all individuals and entities that support the mission of the Forum. Membership is enterprise-wide and includes all full-time employees as well as wholly-owned subsidiaries.  

Organizational Founding Members:



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Maturity Model

The EKG Foundation is establishing the catalog of best practices for sustainable knowledge graph deployment based on the EKG Maturity Model – a set of criteria for evaluating readiness in EKG environments.


Our guiding principles are intended to provide guidelines for the development and deployment of an enterprise knowledge graph.  The principles emphasize shared meaning and content reuse that are the cornerstone of operating in complex and interconnected environments.  

EKG Portal

The EKG Foundation will offer curated access to published ontologies, tools, use cases and other resources needed for sustainable knowledge graph operations.


Making the Case for EKGF

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation was established to define  best practices and mature the marketplace for EKG adoption including:

Adopt semantic standards to solve the challenges of data management

Develop best practices for accelerated EKG deployment
A curated repository of reusable models and resources
Build the mechanism for engagement and shared knowledge
Advance the business cases for EKG adoption


"The development of a collaborative environment is one of the principle operational goals of

the EKG Foundation. "

Dennis E. Wisnosky 




Who Should Join
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