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The four quadrants


Accordingly, the EKGF framework for “knowledge-empowered” business excellence can be seen as a set of four mutually reinforcing quadrants:

  1. Principles - articulating the key shared beliefs around knowledge empowerment across the enterprise and its ecosystem

  2. Method - articulating the key processes around adopting, embedding, and managing knowledge through graphs into enterprise SOPs

  3. Capability Components - articulating the key units of “knowledge-enabled” work organization and collaboration

  4. Maturity - articulating level of excellence in the practices of knowledge enablement and empowerment throughout the enterprise

A Business Enterprise is an aspiration, initially pursued by its founders and subsequently sustained by the passion of rank and file through generations of management and employees.

What helps a business to retain its initial inspiration and sustain it through the passion of its employees is the ability to relate day-to-day activities to a set of well-managed and principles-guided “knowledge” methods & tools.


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